Unfortunately, along with the bitter cold and heavy snow come accidents. Many Cleveland area drivers are injured in motor vehicle accidents on our roads and highways every day; one every 4.5 minutes. Car accidents can happen when you least expect them and can create a major hassle and financial burden on you and your family. […]

We hope that everyone had a great year! Start 2015 off right and have a designated driver this New Year’s Eve if you plan on celebrating with alcohol. Law enforcement will be conducting saturation patrols tonight looking for impaired drivers. No checkpoints have been announced but we will keep you updated as the night goes […]

To all celebrating the holidays this week please be aware that law enforcement will be looking for impaired drivers. The Ohio State Highway Patrol announced this week that Troopers will be out in full force this holiday season removing dangerous and impaired drivers in an effort to reduce fatal and injury crashes. This time last year 24 people died […]

What is OVI?

There are many terms for driving under the influence that people use interchangeably and the names of which vary from state to state. In Ohio, the typical driving under the influence charge is abbreviated as “OVI.” OVI stands for operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Some people know this […]