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Civil Protection Order

person filing cpo A Civil Protection Order (CPO) is designed to protect the victims of domestic violence, the “petitioner”, and hold their abuser, the “respondent”, accountable for their actions. When the petitioner files a petition they are asking the court for a type of relief from the abusive action displayed by the respondent. The petitioner must fill out a form and provide evidence of harmful wrongdoings at the hands of the respondent. From there, legal proceedings occur and the petition is either granted or denied.

The attorneys at The Martinez Firm have experience representing both the petitioner or the respondent in CPO cases.

Civil Protection Order Petitioner

A Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order in Ohio is a Court Order that provides an individual protection from harm or the threat of harm by a family member or other household member. A Dating Violence Civil Protection Order provides similar protection from harm from a dating partner. In these types of complicated and volatile situations, it is important to have legal representation that is experienced and knowledgeable in addressing your safety concerns.

In these challenging times, our families are experiencing additional stress that can contribute to a situation of domestic violence. We at The Martinez Firm have your safety and well-being in mind, and we are here to assist you. If you are fearing for your safety or the safety of a family member, schedule a consultation and we can provide you with sound advice and legal assistance.

Civil Protection Order Respondent

If you have been served with a Civil Protection Order we are here to advise you about how to be in compliance with that order and we will represent you in responding to it. Relationships can be complicated and fraught with emotion. We want to help you navigate the legal system and minimize the stress for you. We at The Martinez Firm have the experience to advise you about what you need to do to stay in compliance with a CPO while maintaining your rights.

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