Ohio Federal Crimes

What Is A Federal Crime?

Most federal crimes are similar to a state crime in regard to the types of charges that can be filed. However, there are some unique challenges presented by federal charges. The federal government has seemingly unlimited resources when prosecuting a crime. Additionally, the federal court system and sentencing guidelines make defending a federal criminal charge an immense task. It is urgent that you contact an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer to ensure your rights are protected.

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Ohio Federal Court Attorneys

We assist clients who need help with the following federal criminal law matters:

  • Drug crimes including distribution, possession, manufacturing, and trafficking
  • White collar crimes including theft, embezzlement, bank fraud, and fraud
  • Robbery
  • Property crimes
  • Weapons charges
  • Money laundering
  • Internet crimes

The unfortunate reality for a person charged with a federal crime is that their case is much more likely going to result in a conviction than a state charge. Hiring an experienced defense attorney to defend you against a federal crime will help level the playing field. Our firm is familiar with the complex federal sentencing guidelines and court system and knowledgeable about possible departures the court can evaluate when reaching their sentencing decision. We have an established working relationship with the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio. Our firm is experienced in negotiating favorable plea agreements, if needed, with federal prosecutors. A favorable plea agreement may save a person charged with a federal crime months or years in prison.

Domestic Violence in Ohio

Domestic Violence Charges

Many people who are facing a domestic violence or spousal abuse charge made a mistake -one they wish they could take back but cannot. Even if your loved one is willing to forgive you, law enforcement will not. All it takes is one incident for charges to be filed, and once this happens, restraining orders, protective orders and the inability to come back to your home are the typical results.

In addition, there are numerous collateral consequences because of a domestic violence or assault conviction, including child custody issues and visitation rights, the right to own a handgun and deportation if you are not a United States citizen. The Martinez Firm will work with you to help you move on with your life, whether it is reuniting with your family or having the right to be with your children.

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Ohio Domestic Violence Attorneys

Our firm will conduct a thorough investigation of your case. We will interview witnesses and determine what the prosecution’s case consists of and the evidence they have against you. We have considerable experience in working with domestic relations attorneys and in resolving issues involving child custody and marriage.

Our attorneys understand how important it is that you get to spend time with your loved ones. In the past, we have filed successful challenges and modifications to protective orders so that our clients could be with their families.

Internet Crimes

Internet Crimes in Ohio

Internet crimes have increased as people use the Internet more for every part of their lives. The legislator in Ohio has also been quick to respond by enacting legislation that defines more Internet transactions as crimes. From child pornography to check fraud, when you are charged with any type of internet crime you need internet crimesan attorney who stays current with the law and who understands the complexities surround these types of cases.

The Martinez Firm, has over 10 years of experience in providing professional, discreet legal representation to people in the Cleveland, Ohio, area. We believe in staying at the forefront when it comes to new legislation, and we understand how to challenge the technology used to collect evidence for these types of cases.

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Ohio Defense Lawyers: Internet Crimes

Our office has the knowledge and skill to handle any internet sex crime charges, including:

  • Solicitation of a minor
  • Viewing or downloading child pornography
  • Sending, selling or buying child pornography
  • Solicitation of a prostitute

Our experienced criminal defense lawyers also handle internet crime charges that involve:

  • Check fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Money laundering
  • Computer fraud
  • Phishing

Child pornography, identity theft and accusations of fraud all carry stigmas that can affect every aspect of your life, from the ability to seek employment in certain professions to having a housing application approved. This is why we focus so much on understanding the circumstances surrounding the charges and probing how evidence was collected to be used against you.

We will use all defense avenues possible to arrive at an acquittal in a jury trial. If this is not a possibility, we will seek out a plea agreement that may include reduced sentencing, probation or alternatives to jail time.

Motorcycle, Truck & Car Accidents in Ohio

Accidents in Ohio

From I-90, Highway 2 and I-480, to I-71 and 77, I-271 and others, many Cleveland area drivers are injured in motor vehicle accidents on our roads and highways every day; one every 4.5 minutes. While statistics like these indicate how dangerous it is to drive in Ohio, they simply cannot illustrate the physical, emotional or financial damage victims of an auto accident suffer. In addition, insurance companies look for reasons to avoid paying claims for medical expenses, lost wages and long-term treatment.

Ohio Auto Accident Attorneys

Our Ohio auto accident attorneys will go to work immediately on your personal injury accident case, whether you suffered a back injury or spinal cord injury that left you paralyzed or a neck injury that causes chronic neck pain.

We provide the legal advice and resources to handle a wide range of Ohio auto accident cases involving:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck wrecks
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • SUV rollovers
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Hit and run accidents
  • Fatal car accidents

We will thoroughly investigate your accident, working closely with experts in accident reconstruction and medical specialists to determine the full extent of your injuries. We also fight for your rights against insurance companies, working hard to help ensure your personal injury or wrongful death claims are quickly processed. Our firm can help you find the compensation you and your family needs to move forward with your lives.