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No matter the manner in which it came into your possession, taking, acquiring or exerting control over property that does not belong to you, is a serious crime. Penalties for theft and embezzlement range from misdemeanors to severe felonies. The severity of the offense is dependent on the severity and intent of the accused actions of theft. If convicted of a theft or fraud offense, you may face a variety of consequences from difficulty securing or maintaining employment to a lengthy prison sentence. If you have been accused of committing theft or embezzlement, it’s critical that you hire a Painesville theft lawyer immediately to begin your legal defense to resolve your case.

Painesville, Ohio Theft Lawyer

credit card computer keyboard The Martinez Firm specializes in defending individuals accused of committing theft or embezzlement offenses in Painesville, Ohio. We are aware of the stigma of being branded as dishonest and untrustworthy when you have been convicted of theft. This is why an experienced Painesville theft lawyer will thoroughly analyze and investigate your case, to ensure every angle of defense is exhausted. Our advanced knowledge of the legal statutes that apply to the different types of theft will help us prevent a conviction in your case.

Areas of Practice:

  • Petty theft or shoplifting
  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Fraud
  • Larceny

We will dissect the evidence the prosecution has compiled against you to see if any of the information was obtained illegally. Additionally, we will scrutinize witness testimonies and forensic findings for any inconsistencies. We will build a personalized defense designed to lessen the penalties against you or even get the charges dropped.

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