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In the state of Ohio, it is illegal to operate a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol with a BAC level of .08 or higher. A drunk or drugged driver will face DUI charges if pulled over by law enforcement. There are different aggravating factors that classify what type of DUI charges you may face. Possible charges may be misdemeanor DUI, Felony DUI, DUI aggravated vehicular homicide, among others. If you are facing any DUI charges, seek representation from an experienced DUI lawyer. 

Misdemeanor DUI

Misdemeanor DUIs are the most common DUI offenses in Ohio. A DUI is considered a misdemeanor if it’s the driver’s first, second, or third DUI charge without aggravating circumstances. A law enforcement officer will issue a misdemeanor DUI charge if they deem the driver a danger to public safety as a result of drinking and driving. 

Typically misdemeanor offenses do not lead to prison sentences, but a guilty party may face possible jail time and probation. Other serious legal consequences that come along with a DUI charge are costly fines and license suspension. You may also have to attend alcohol abuse education and treatment programs and complete community service. Additionally, you may face negative societal effects such as difficulty obtaining a job. The best way to mitigate these consequences is by hiring a DUI lawyer.  

Felony DUI

A felony DUI is the most severe DUI classification in Ohio. Felony DUI charges are issued when a driver has multiple prior DUI convictions and or causes bodily harm or severe property damage. A person that has been convicted of four DUI offenses within 10 years or six offenses within 20 years will face felony DUI charges. 

A felony DUI conviction can lead to an extended prison sentence and three year license suspension. If a driver has previous felony DUI convictions, the driver will face a minimum of 120 days in prison. A felony DUI conviction will have severe societal effects for the driver, as they will have a criminal record. This is why it is vital to have a competent DUI lawyer representing you to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. 

Aggravated DUI

An aggravated DUI is a DUI offense that has other factors that increase the penalties a driver may face. Some of these factors can be driving with minors in the car, driving with a suspended license, hit & run, or causing injury to another person. Also, if you blow a .170 or higher on a breathalyzer test you will be charged with an aggravated DUI. All of these aggravating circumstances can increase the penalties you may face and complicate your defense. Only a knowledgeable and experienced DUI lawyer can properly represent your best interests. 

DUI Aggravated Vehicular Homicide

A person can be charged with DUI aggravated vehicular homicide in Ohio if they cause the death of another as a result of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is a 2nd degree felony charge that comes with serious penalties. If convicted of this charge, a defendant faces from 2 to 8 years in prison, up to $15,000 in fine, and a lifetime driver’s license suspension. 

The social costs are even greater as one faces the loss of employment and the resulting family financial burden, and the emotional strain on all family members. This is the time to seek the help of an experienced DUI lawyer who will protect your rights and provide you with a rigorous defense 

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