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In addition to the court imposed sanctions for an OVI conviction, there are also consequences which may impact your life down the road. Below are just a few examples of how an OVI conviction can impact you financially, socially, and professionally.

  • Auto Insurance: As a result of an OVI conviction, you may see an increase in your insurance premiums. Some insurance companies may place you in a high risk driver category. According to Esurance, “DUIs = high-risk driving, high-risk driving = higher premiums.” The average premium could increase by a few hundred dollars.
  • Public Record: Even with the recent changes in Ohio’s expungement laws, an OVI is not a sealable offense and will remain on record forever.
  • Commercial Drivers: If convicted of OVI, commercial driver’s license holders face up to a one year CDL disqualification. For a second OVI offense, CDL holders face a lifetime disqualification.
  • Professional Licenses: There are potential disciplinary actions and reporting requirements for an OVI conviction for nurses, lawyers, pilots, and public safety workers.
  • Travel: An OVI conviction could have an impact on your travel plans. For example, Canada has a 10 year restriction on entering Canada with an OVI conviction.
  • Adoption/Foster Parent: As part of criminal background check requirements, having an OVI conviction could impact your ability to adopt or become a foster parent.

If you or someone you know has been charged with OVI, it is important to consult an attorney that is aware of the serious consequences of a drunk driving conviction. The consequences of an OVI conviction span beyond the sentence imposed in a court room. Contact The Martinez Firm 24/7 at 216-875-5555 for immediate assistance with your OVI case.