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It’s that time of year again! Thanksgiving is just around the corner. As the holiday season begins law enforcement will be out in full force looking for impaired drivers. Whether you’re stopped for a speeding ticket, OVI, or red light violation, it is important that you know what to say and do when stopped by law enforcement. The Martinez Firm has some important dos and don’ts for you:

  1. DO provide your drivers license, registration and proof of insurance
  2. DO provide basic information such as your name and date of birth as requested
  3. DO request the officer to process the citation so that you may be on your way
  4. DO exit the vehicle if requested by the officer
  5. DO NOT admit fault in committing any traffic violation
  6. DO NOT answer any questions regarding the consumption of alcohol
  7. DO NOT perform any voluntary field sobriety exercises or other agility tests
  8. DO NOT blow into any hand-held, portable breath alcohol testing devices
  9. DO NOT consent to a search of your vehicle, even if a purported drug detection dog allegedly “indicates” or “alerts” to your vehicle

If you are arrested under suspicion of operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs (OVI):

  1. DO remain calm and be polite and courteous to the officer
  2. DO invoke your constitutional right to call your attorney IMMEDIATELY – if refused, politely continue to request permission to call your attorney
  3. DO exercise your right to an independent test of blood at the nearest hospital
  4. Finally, before deciding on whether or not to submit to a chemical test (blood/breath/urine) DO notify officers that your wish to contact Attorney Hector Martinez, Jr. immediately

The Martinez Firm wishes you’re a wonderful Thanksgiving week. Check back for updates on OVI checkpoints in Cleveland and the surrounding areas that will take place next week.

Remember, our OVI lawyers are available 24/7 at 216-875-5555 if you need any assistance.

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