Published On: May 27, 2022Categories: Domestic Violence

Being the victim of domestic violence can cause serious short-term and long-term mental and physical trauma. There are different types of domestic violence, and the charges received don’t always have the same punishment. Typically those accused of domestic violence will hire a domestic violence lawyer to defend them in court. Here we’ll go over the different types of domestic violence and what charges come with them.

What is a Domestic Violence Lawyer? 

A domestic violence lawyer specializes in defending people against domestic violence charges and is equipped with the knowledge to do so as well as informing defendants what rights they have. However, there are a few things you can learn about domestic violence on your own. Domestic violence comes in many different forms. The main factor behind domestic violence is the abuser acting out violently or in an abusive way towards a victim to assert control or to maintain power over them. It isn’t just spouses that deal with domestic violence, but different family members of all ages, gender, and creeds. What are some of the most common types of domestic violence and the charges that follow the abuse?

Physical Abuse

Probably the most common type of domestic violence is physical abuse. This severity and type of physical abuse can vary depending on the abuser. Some examples of physical violence include hitting, slapping, pushing, grabbing, burning, stabbing, and more. Another form of physical abuse is sexual and it can occur in many different ways. Whether it’s inappropriate touching, rape, or anything in between they all cary hefty charges. 

Emotional Abuse

While physical abuse is much easier to identify because of the visible damage caused by it, emotional abuse is a little more complex because it’s on an emotional level and it can’t be seen in the same way. Nevertheless, emotional abuse is a damaging occurrence that can negatively affect the victim just as much. It can take place through verbal communication where the abuser is attacking the victim’s state of mind through insults, gaslighting, isolation, guilt tripping, and other things that harm someone’s mindset.

Financial Abuse

As we mentioned before, controlling the victim is one of the main reasons behind domestic violence. When someone has financial control over your life they can manipulate you and take away your ability to be independent. Victims can be trapped with their abuser because they have no way of financially supporting themselves. 

Domestic Violence Charges

According to Ohio law anyone that is knowingly causing harm, or using violence or other forms of abuse as a threat towards another member of their household may end up being charged with domestic violence. If the defendant is charged with a first-degree misdemeanor conviction they can face upwards of 6 months of jail time and a fine of up to $1000. In the case of a third-degree felony conviction the defendant can be sentenced from 9 months to 3 years of jail time and receive up to a $10,000 fine. The charges depend on the severity and amount of abuse committed. Jail time and fines aren’t the only consequences of being convicted of domestic violence. You could lose your ability to purchase and own a firearm, lose custody of your children, and be deported if you’re a non-United States citizen. 

Overview of Different Types of Domestic Violence

  • Physical abuse

  • Emotional abuse

  • Financial abuse

Looking for a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Ohio? 

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